The Bull 🐮 🐄 Fighter! A Tale.

Raised right left no chance for quibbles

See 👀 bullying fight for just us 🇺🇸 😔

Why not? It’s the American Way OK!

We lived love Ya ❤ Underdogs correctly

I was the first 🇩🇴 student @SUNY-B. Or

Maybe in the history of Higher Ed? Ya

DominicanBlackattack elected to be the

Leader of the Black Students Union YES!

M.E. very much

Proudly I served my constituencies and

I am without apologies 🙏 💔 A man whom

Believes in Everything Malcolm X said ok

Read about him find out more before

Yall jump In 👍 it is a crucial decision in

Ya’s journey through life we are All on

A trek star only we know this! It’s yours

Not mine nor anyone else’s okay it is one

Hundred 💯 percent Our Own so Own

It ain’t passing the buck no more Stand up

Already lame but not blind disabled just

Lazy lazy lazy 🗡 🗡 🗡 unfortunately too many young people are blase don’t care for them or their own brothers and sisters daggers!

Published by theexiledexhorter

Retired NYC High School History Teacher from Washington Heights.I taught at G.W. H.S.( alumnus 1977), A. P. Randolph, MLK, Joan of Arc( Ms. Garrett, principal) and Wadleigh. Love jazz, r&b, Johnny Cash, Gil Scott Heron, Rubby Perez, Omega el fuerte and Frank Sinatra.

One thought on “The Bull 🐮 🐄 Fighter! A Tale.

  1. Toro Toro Toro ! Tora tora tora! Spanish Conquerors and Japanese kamikaze
    Symbolism of warlike behavior
    Emblematic of imperialists at work
    Subjugating the perceived lesser than
    In their criminal pursuits! Cortez,
    Hirohito they both knew! Cortez
    Openly and the Emperor blindly!
    Bullies by any other name
    The Russians and Ye Olde
    Good Ole 🇺🇸 most powerful
    At the game of War, yes just
    Like 1983″s Wargames but
    Really Really true 😲 😱 😲 😱

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