The True Story Of Ya Dream Deferred! Drop-Out Tale.

Daily tales tell of young people who are unable to stay afloat with the day to day travails and facing the facts of joblessness and sexual activities that exacerbate housing conditions along with boyfriend and girlfriend issues at school and home the stress and the streets cause them to leave home and drop out ofContinue reading “The True Story Of Ya Dream Deferred! Drop-Out Tale.”

Down The Proverbial 🐰 🕳️! A Tall Tale.

Houdini reached inside the hat 🤠 and the rabbit 🐇 came back! With a sneer it jumped clear and even the greatest magician of all time was unable to grab the rabbit 🐰 who opened its mouth 👄 and said, “Never going back tha rabbit 🐇 🕳️!” Astonished everyone stood up aghast as the rabbit’sContinue reading “Down The Proverbial 🐰 🕳️! A Tall Tale.”

Arkham City’s Heroes Villains and victimized.

The Bull 🐮 🐄 Fighter! A Tale.

Raised right left no chance for quibbles See 👀 bullying fight for just us 🇺🇸 😔 Why not? It’s the American Way OK! We lived love Ya ❤ Underdogs correctly I was the first 🇩🇴 student @SUNY-B. Or Maybe in the history of Higher Ed? Ya DominicanBlackattack elected to be the Leader of the BlackContinue reading “The Bull 🐮 🐄 Fighter! A Tale.”